Through our website we’ve given away more than 250 iPhone 6’s. In the past, we gave away almost a thousand iPhone 5’s under our old website. Of course, you want to be one of these lucky few that ends up actually winning a phone. On this page we’ll suggest tips to help you win an iPhone on our website. Let’s make it clear now that we do not allow any sort of cheating or spamming. If we find that you are cheating, you will be immediately disqualified, and you will lose all entries you had made to our website.

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Tips to Increase Your Odds of Winning an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus

1.   Share your name with your friends and get them to enter for you. As long as they enter through a referral link from you, you’ll still get entered an extra time. If 100 of your friends do this once, you’ll gain 100 entries, making your odds much greater to win.


2.   Enter more than once. You can enter our giveaway three times per month under your same email address and with the same name. If you enter more than three times we will invalidate your entries.


3.   Use a lucky charm! Superstition is used by people all over the world, and some believe it actually works. Believe in yourself. We’ve given away thousands of phones, and there’s no reason you couldn’t be the next person to win one!

If you don’t win, you can always enter again the next month. By staying persistent, you could pocket a $700 iPhone 6 for only minutes every month. Fifty people are winning iPhones on this very website every month. Eventually, if you try hard enough, you will likely win one. Just give it time and be patient!

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Thanks for visiting our website. Remember, if you scam our system or try to cheat, we will disqualify you. The tips above are the only real ones we can give you!