iPhone 6 Sweepstakes Frequently Asked Questions

On this page we’ll display a few questions that are commonly asked. If you have a question, we’d advise you to read through the FAQ displayed here before actually contacting us. We have wide variety of questions answered here, so there’s a good shot you’ll find what you need here.

Is it Possible to Win an iPhone 6 Plus?

Yes, we do give out the iPhone 6 Plus as well. Out of the fifty phones we give out each month, 10 of them will be the 6 Plus. You will be notified if you win the 6 Plus instead of the actual 6. The versions offered are 32GB only.

Is it Really Free?

Yes, the giveaway is really free. All you need to do is enter your email address and follow the instructions given to you in the email. It’s that simple. No credit card or payment information required.

Are The iPhones Real?

The iPhones we supply are very real. They are purchased directly from Apple, so they will be the real deal.

How Do I Claim My Prize?

If you win, instructions will be enclosed to you in the email you’ll receive after winning. You will have three business days to claim your prize or it will be released to someone else.

Will The Phones Be Locked?

Yes, when you receive the phones they will be locked. We will help you to unlock the phones once you receive them.

Do You Offer Support?

If you need any help, or have questions at any time we are available to be reached. Please note that we do not give any estimates to when we’ll actually reply, as we receive many emails each day.

Do I Need to Be 18?

No, but you need to be at least 13 with parental permission. If you do enter the contest as a minor, and win, we will need to get your parents to be on the shipping address we send the phone to.

How Will My Phone Be Shipped?

We send phones via the USPS (United States Postal Service). This is an incredibly reliable company, so you know your package won’t get lost.

What Are My Chances of Winning?

This totally depends on how many times you enter and how many entries we receive each month. While your chances may be fairly slim, spending five minutes to potentially win an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus is well worth your time!

Can I Win if I Don't Live in The USA?

Yes, we can ship iPhones anywhere. Note that they are shipped from the USA, so if you live internationally, it may take a few days to get the phones.

Can I Enter More Than Once?

We allow you to enter three times per email address. You can also have your friends sign up under your name to allow you to enter your name in the drawing even more!

How Will I Know if I Win?

At the beginning of every month (on the first) we will do the drawing randomly. If you win, you will be notified via email by our staff.

My Question Wasn't Listed Here

If you happen to have a question that wasn’t answered on this FAQ, please contact us and we’ll be in touch with you when our support team gets around to things. We like hearing from you, so please don’t be afraid to reach out to us!